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Maintenance and hygiene

Maintenance and hygiene measures must be regular. Dogs need more attention when it comes to grooming. Again, it depends on the breed, with some breeds having more complicated coats to maintain and others having more or less frequent shedding. In cats, regular checking of the ears and cleaning them to remove earwax is necessary. A thorough inspection of the coat is also necessary to detect possible parasites.



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Awesome stories

Discover extraordinary stories, animals are capable of much more compassion, love and bravery than we can imagine.

What is a rescue dog?

A rescue dog benefits from specific training by a handler and is trained for rescues at sea, in the mountains or on land. The everyday life of this dog is to assist his master in :

– Locating men under rubble
– Alerting his master in case of an abnormal situation
– Accessing places where men couldn’t go
– Signalling sounds inaudible to the human ear
– And much more!


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