Dogs are nowadays very effective in rescuing or helping people in danger in the forest and at sea. So how do you train a rescue dog? Here we give you tips on how to train a rescue dog.

Successful physical training

A rescue dog is a dog that is used at sea or in the mountains and in difficult-to-reach areas to rescue people. It is a dog that has a much better sense of hearing and smell than a human. Therefore, in order to train them properly for rescue, it is necessary to start by successfully training them physically. Indeed, the physical training of a rescue dog begins in its first year of life with the help of an expert. If this training is successful, the dog should then be muscularly ready to start rescuing people in the forest, mountains and sea. During this training, you should work on its aerobic ability and attention span. He must be able to learn to respond to commands, have advanced obedience skills, etc. The best training, however, is in specialised training schools.

 Having a good rescue crew

The rescue team is very important in the training of a rescue dog. Indeed, to ensure the safety of the dog, a good rescue crew is needed. To this end, the rescue crew must contain: gloves, boots, a neoprene suit, and if possible helmets. The rescue dog will need light reflectors at times when visibility becomes blurred or reduced. It will also need a lifeline to its trainer. In addition, the rescue dog will also need to wear a harness with rings to provide the necessary buoyancy for safety. In addition to these essential elements, it should also be noted that the success of training a rescue dog will depend on the breeds of dogs chosen. Thus, it is necessary to choose the best breeds such as: the new earth; the golden retriever; the labrador or the Spanish dog. In conclusion, these tips will help you to train your rescue dog well.