Members E-Mail List

NASDN has an e-mail list for members. The list provides an easy way for members to communicate with each other. E-mail sent to the list by any subscriber will be automatically delivered to every subscriber’s e-mail address. Replies are also directed to the entire group. Members are free to discuss anything related to NASDN, working dogs, search and rescue or related topics. This list is open to members of NASDN who have access to an e-mail account. 

To Subscribe to the List:
1. Become a member of NASDN.
2. Send e-mail to
    The subject and message may be left blank.
    Yahoo groups will use the return address on your e-mail as your address.
    Be sure you subscribe from your own account.
    You may also subscribe by going to
3. Within several hours you will receive a confirmation message.
4. Reply to that message to confirm your request.
5. The list administrator will then confirm your subscription.

The list administrator will not see your request until you have completed step 4. He will then see your pending subscription next time he visits the Yahoo groups website. Your request will only identify you by your e-mail address unless you have given additional information to Yahoo. You can make things a little easier for your list administrator by sending him e-mail so that he knows who you are and that you are a NASDN member.

A lot of steps but Yahoo groups is free. If you have problems subscribing feel free to contact the list administrator.

To send messages to the list, address them to nasdn@yahoogroups.comĀ 

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